About us

Founded in 2004, FISHFUN Mosaic is a brand of Foshan Sky Wolf Mosaic Co., Ltd., specializing in marble mosaic application design, production and sales.

Since it is founded,FISHFUN Mosaic has been focusing on innovation and designing the fun mosaic.

Pixel series mini marble mosaic and Sketch series marble mosaic pattern are two major products of FISHFUN.

The particle size of the pixel series is 8x8mm,mainly based on hexagon and square.









Sketch series is a unique mosaic art based on the use of Pixel series of small particles and innovative design. In addition, FISHFUN provides marble mosaic pattern customized services to make the use of mosaics more flexible.

FISHFUN has always been committed to promoting the integrated application of mosaic walls and floors, providing customers with a solution that “makes the space close to nature”, injecting more innovative and fashionable elements into the home market.

The products are mainly exported to European and American markets and won customer’s recognition with high quality.